Elizabeth Davis seated at outdoor party table

Finding a Home

The last time I left UT and Knoxville—graduation nearly 20 years ago—I had no idea I would be back on campus for anything other than an occasional visit or football game. But now, all told, I have spent most of the last two decades writing about UT in some way or another. Continue reading Finding a Home

David Allen Martin and Natalie Roy

A Place Maker

When I first moved to Chattanooga as a college freshman in 1999, one of the things I loved about the city most was that it was in the process of reinventing itself. Not just talking about changing for the better but actually taking the necessary steps to become a stronger, more connected city. Continue reading A Place Maker

Not Lost, Found

A couple of years ago, I delivered a eulogy for Bob Alley. Fraternity brother, college roommate, best friend. Maybe you believe that connections like that are never broken and become permanent residents in a greater eternal consciousness. Or maybe, upon reading that last sentence, you’d say what Bob would, “Oh, please.” Continue reading Not Lost, Found

Sharing is Good

The “sharing economy” or “collaborative consumption” is giving age-old ideas like renting, bartering and swapping a 21st-century makeover. Now, instead of being limited to our neighbors, we can share things with people all over the world. Continue reading Sharing is Good

Bringing Up the Bells

Bringing Up the Bells

By Diane Ballard

Corey and Millicent Bell have only six children at home. Yes, only. Because, you see, they used to have eight. The Bells, both UT Knoxville MBA grads, are in their mid-thirties and live in Round Rock, Texas, where Corey Bell has a successful business. Certainly they have a bright future ahead of them. Continue reading “Bringing Up the Bells”