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Becky Spaulding coaches a job seeker at the UT almni center

Welcome to 2022!

Ringing in the New Year is often used as a time of reflection and as a fresh start towards our goals and aspirations. For those exploring the job market or a career change, be prepared and aware of the twists and turns the job market has made since 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic created quick-moving shifts in how we work. Through this experience, we learned companies that adapted to working remotely saw little to no interruption in their operations and, more so, continued to have success. At the same time, employees now expect and desire the ability to work outside the confines of a traditional
office space and want more value and purpose in their careers.

Now, with significant job growth and labor shortage, employers are shifting their focus to employee needs. Companies offering higher starting salaries, on-the-job training and greater flexibility tend to come out on top. In addition, artificial intelligence (AI) technology is becoming more prevalent in the application process, including interviewing.
This technology increases efficiency but also increases the odds of being eliminated
as a candidate.

So how do we address all of this as an employer or as job seeker?

This is where the UT Alumni Association Center for Career Advancement comes in with Connect UT and more. Our vision is to provide you with resources accessible at your fingertips while still acknowledging the value of human connection and relationship building.

Our one-on-one coaching sessions provide individualized guidance to help identify resources and create an action plan for your career exploration. Our virtual platforms, including the launch of Connect UT, will enable to you to expand your professional network across the globe.

Connect UT is your virtual alumni community tailored to each campus in the UT System. Through this community, you can utilize your network of fellow alumni in your field of interest, seek and provide guidance to others and take advantage of a job board exclusively for UT alumni.

If you are interested in hiring the best and brightest, employers can recruit UT alumni through this platform by posting job opportunities for all levels of experience. Connect UT is available wherever you are and whenever you’re ready to leverage the strength of your UT family.

We know your time is valuable and recognize that not everyone has flexibility for in-person meetings and live webinars or events. The UTAA Center for Career Advancement offers an extensive library of online resources, including assessments for career exploration, specialized job boards and AI technology to review your resume and prep for an interview. In addition, we offer comprehensive guides on the career process, videos for when you only have a quick coffee break and webinars with experts to help you take your career to the next level.

Throughout spring 2022, we are hosting virtual events with experts on professional development, goal management and leadership growth. We also will host a virtual career fair tailored specifically for UT alumni. Information on these events, as well as the resources we offer, can be found online at

The UTAA Center for Career Advancement is committed to empowering alumni throughout their careers. We are here for you, wherever you are, whenever you’re ready.

All the best,
Becky Spaulding
Director of Alumni Career and Professional Development


PathwayU is a self-guided online platform designed to help you explore career options based on your values, interests, personality and workplace preferences. In less than 25 minutes, your personalized reports will help you find a career with purpose and meaning. In addition to assessments, PathwayU offers detailed career matches, occupational exploration and work preparation tools and worksheets.

Upon completion, set up an appointment with the UTAA Center for Career Advancement to better understand your results and work towards a career of joy, purpose and meaning.

One-on-One Coaching

Schedule a free one-on-one career advising appointment with the Director of Alumni Career and Professional Development Becky Spaulding, who has more than a decade of experience in career development and recruiting. With five years in the staffing industry, she understands what it takes to stand out in the job search. Her goal-oriented approach will help you identify resources and establish a plan of action as you navigate career exploration, job searching and networking opportunities.

Job Boards

Specifically for graduates of Chattanooga, Knoxville, Martin and Southern, Handshake serves as a recruitment tool for employers seeking UT alumni. Alumni may create a free profile by contacting their alma mater’s career development office and then browsing available jobs.

The CareerShift search tool returns results from every career site and job board. Save and organize all the relevant jobs that meet your search criteria, whether you search by keywords, job title, company name or location.

Other Resources

Quinncia uses AI technology to analyze resumes and provide instant feedback. This process is specifically designed to fulfill Applicant Tracking System criteria. In addition, you can use this technology for mock interviews. Users will be asked questions based on their resumes and will receive individualized
feedback based on their responses.

Reference Guides
Links to portable document formats (PDFs) on website of supplemental guides
• Resumes
• Interviewing
• Networking
• Identity Specific: Latino, Black, LGTBQ, Women, Veterans

UT Video Vault
• Previous webinars
• 5 in 5 Fast Facts

Continued Learning Opportunities

Whether you’re looking for career advancement opportunities or learning a new skill, our campuses offer a variety of online and in-person classes.

Connect UT

A virtual alumni platform where you can utilize your network of fellow UT alumni in your field of interest, seek and provide guidance to others and take advantage of a job board exclusively for UT alumni. Employers can recruit through this platform by posting job opportunities for all levels of experience.


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