Winter 2019

In this issue of the Tennessee Alumnus, we celebrate the makers of music, maps and prosthetic arms. From performance halls to labs, our makers learn the skills they need to succeed. For UT develops makers and sends them out into the world where they create and, sometimes, in that creation build their own businesses, large and small. UT even helps the makers navigate the labyrinthine worlds of state and federal paperwork to move their businesses forward. We have stories about that in this issue, too.

For UT is a maker. It makes teachers, nurses, doctors, engineers, farmers and more out of students. It helps turn ideas and dreams into reality. It has helped the makers turn Tennessee into the vibrant state that it is.

Riley Toll

Making Makers

From labs to clubs to Hodges Library, UT Knoxville makes spaces for makers.

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David Harman

The Maker City

UT alumnus David Harman helps drive Knoxville’s creative space.

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Serendipitous Daring

UT alumnus Randy Boyd takes the reins as interim president.

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Slide Book cover

Make ’Em Laugh

An excerpt from Carl Wolfson's Slide!, a tragicomedy about the 1964 Philadelphia Phillies team collapse as well as about Wolfson,…

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Samantha Lane

Making Time for What Matters

Samantha Lane helps others find work-life balance through workshops, training and a signature product line.

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First-generation college students gather at the Rock for a celebration.

First-Generation Students Honored

On Nov. 8, the Knoxville campus joined in the celebration of National First-Generation College Student Day.

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