Fall 2020

Those fleeting moments of incandescence that sometimes—the oh-so-rare sometimes—catch fire and change everything is what we are celebrating in this issue of Tennessee Alumnus magazine. When those flashes, those sparks happen they can lead to a new invention, a new passion, a new class or a changed life.

But all it takes is a spark, and UT has been part of that ignition point for so many faculty, students and alumni. In the Fall 2020 issue you’ll find just a few of your stories—for your stories are the stories of the University of Tennessee and part of our shared history. Whether the spark happened as you sat in a class or as you left with the kindling ready to catch fire, UT has played a role in your story, just as it has with those in these features.

fire trucks

Responding to the Call

MTAS leads an innovative approach for fire departments.

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Tennessee Government Managers on Zoom

Naifeh Center Program Moves Online for First Time

For the first time in the the Tennessee Government Management Institute's 20-year history, the program was all virtual this year.

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