Vol in Space

Scott Kelly aboard the International Space Station

NASA Commander Scott Kelly, ’96, who earned a master’s degree in aviation systems at the UT Space Institute, returned to Earth from a one-year mission aboard the International Space Station on March 1. By comparing Kelly’s biodata to that of his twin brother, Mark, who remained on Earth, scientists will be able to study how long-term living in space can affect the human body. The immediate effects they noted: Scott Kelly experienced soreness, some leg swelling and a temporary height gain of 1.5 inches as a result of his spine stretching in the absence of gravity.

Liu Inducted to National Academy

Yilu Liu
Yilu Liu

Yilu Liu, the joint UT–Oak Ridge National Laboratory Governor’s Chair for Electric Power Grids, has been elected a member of the National Academy of Engineering. A professor of electrical engineering and computer science, she is the fifth academy member from the college. Liu’s research focuses on developing new and better ways to monitor and understand the flow of electrical energy through the nation’s power grid.

Big Orange Meal Share

The new Big Orange Meal Share program allows students to donate their unused guest meals and allows others to contribute funds to benefit students in need. Anagha Uppal, a junior in the College Scholars program, and Melissa Shivers, associate vice chancellor for student life and dean of students, worked together to bring the program to life. More than 430 meals were donated during the spring semester.

3 + 3 = Bachelor’s Plus Law Degree

UT undergraduate students may now earn both a bachelor’s degree and law degree in six years, one year less than usually required. UT 3+3, a new accelerated degree program offered by the College of Law and College of Arts and Sciences, allows qualified students to complete three years of approved undergraduate coursework and then become full-time first-year law students. For more information about the program, see law.utk.edu/academics/3plus3.