Thinking in Pillars

Larry Arrington, UTIA Chancellor

UT Institute of Agriculture Chancellor Larry Arrington has been doing a lot of listening and evaluating in his first two years in office. From those sessions, Four Pillars, or core values, have emerged that reflect the historical foundation of the institute and university’s land-grant mission. Arrington says the pillars—advancing academic excellence; delivering discoveries; promoting hands-on learning; and serving communities—both define the institute and will advance it into the future.

Serving Farm Animals

The UT Veterinary Medical Center’s new Farm Animal Hospital will serve animal producers for generations to come, while helping the university protect the food supply from farm to fork. The hospital allows UT experts to provide the most advanced medical therapies available to cattle, sheep, goats and camelids, and maintain a strong teaching program for future veterinarians.

Healthy food grown to address hunger in the Knoxville area

Growing More, Giving More

To address hunger in the Knoxville area, members of the UTIA community have launched a fresh produce drive called Grow More, Give More. Conducted in partnership with the Society of St. Andrew, the initiative is focused on providing healthy food to hungry neighbors with an aim to reducing food waste. Gardeners were encouraged to plant extra in their gardens and those without green thumbs to purchase produce and take it to the UT Farmers Market in the university gardens.

Milk Moustaches, Southern Style

The UTIA is leading a six-state effort designed to turn around the Southeast’s declining dairy industry. Steve Oliver, assistant dean of UT AgResearch and a renowned mastitis researcher, is heading up the project. The USDA-backed initiative aims to improve herd health and milk quality and quantity by lowering the incidence of mastitis, a costly disease of dairy cattle, in Southeastern herds.