Fall 2017

In commemorating the magazine’s 100th anniversary this year, the winter issue’s theme was “Past,” the spring issue’s theme, “Present,” and this, the final issue of 2017, focuses on “Future.” In focusing on the future, we found water rose quickly as a sub-theme as we learned of UT work ensuring water is an ample and safe resource for generations ahead. As one of the professors quoted in this issue says, “One unifying theme of life is (we’re) all tied to water.”

And, as water goes, so goes our future. Faculty researchers across the UT system are working to make sure that future goes well.

Training Specialist Chris Jones, left, and Training Coordinator Greg Coker participate in a firearm simulation at the LEIC in March.

Virtual Danger

Inside the Law Enforcement Innovation Center’s simulation of confrontation.

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IPS Stakeholders give their input at a listening session in Jackson.

IPS Launches Strategic Plan

The results of three planning meetings and four listening sessions across the state shaped a new strategic plan that will…

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