Time is Right to Reconnect

Time is Right to Reconnect

The time is right to talk about the last, and often the best, of our alumni 3 R’s: Recruiting, Reinvesting, and–RECONNECTING! Or you could call it reuniting, revisiting, remembering, reliving, or rekindling. There are so many possibilities–but no regrets in choosing any of them.

With summer approaching, it’s a great time to take advantage of lots of alumni activities going on across the country. Reconnecting with your college friends, your college, and your campus are all a first step to rekindling your interest and pride in the University of Tennessee. You’re likely to find out a lot about all the new things going on within the university these days, and I guarantee you’ll be amazed, impressed, and very proud. And with the competitiveness of admissions now, you’ll be even more proud of that UT diploma hanging on your wall!

All alumni activities are listed on the UTNAA Web site at www.utk.edu/alumni. This site is a wealth of information about what’s going on within our alumni organization. Help us keep you directly informed of events in your area and developments within the university by registering with our Online Community. The link to this community is under the “Keep in Touch” heading on the alumni homepage. Many of our alumni chapters have events planned, and you can find a listing of these under “Quicklinks” on the right of the alumni homepage and clicking on the UTNAA link. If there is no event planned for your area, call the UTNAA office at 865-974-3011 and get involved in planning one. The UTNAA is a wonderful way to spend some of your volunteer time. The return you get in the form of new and renewed friendships, pride in your university, and interactions with the good folks on staff at the university makes it a great investment of your time and energy.

For most of us, the times we spent at one or more of our university campuses represent some of the best times of our lives. We were much younger then, the world was ours for the taking, and we all worked and played at discovering it together. It’s a spirit and an enthusiasm that makes us smile when we remember those times. Don’t ever lose that. A great way to keep it alive is to stay connected with your university, its programs, and other alumni. Check the UTNAA Web site often for involvement opportunities or call the office in Knoxville.

I hope to see you soon at a UT event!