Hunter Hall Unveils a New Modern Look

The $13.9 million upgrading of the 65-year-old Hunter Hall, which began in December 2020, is almost complete at UT Chattanooga.

“We have made some specific changes to make it more desirable for the faculty and for the students who are here,” says Valerie Rutledge, dean of the College of Health, Education and Professional Studies. “It will be clean, not crowded with lots of items that were a carryover from before. The look now is much cleaner, brighter, up to date and streamlined.”

DOT Grant Creates Electric Vehicle Testbed

Chattanooga will be home to the nation’s largest electric vehicle “living testbed,” thanks to $9.2 million in funding for a project proposed by the city and scientists at UT Chattanooga with municipal, private industry and research partners.

Funding will come from a $4.5 million U.S. Department of Transportation grant award—the single largest of its kind in UTC history—and another $4.7 million from industry partners UTC, Chattanooga city government and EPB—Chattanooga’s power company.

The winning proposal is for a networked system that will enable electric-vehicle drivers to more readily locate charging stations. Charging opportunities will be customized for drivers as a result of the system recognizing the charge level of individual electric vehicles, volume and pace of traffic, and electric grid power demand to recommend charging stations and types by locations.

Affordable Course Materials Program Saves Students $1 million

In just five years, more than $1 million has been kept in the pockets of students at UT Chattanooga by its Affordable Course Materials Initiative.

The initiative was barely more than a good idea when Rachel Fleming joined UTC as scholarly communications librarian in 2017 and was charged with taking it forward.

“One of the things librarians like to do is talk to all of the faculty and help them design what they need for their courses, and I love hearing from them about how we can do that.”

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the annual cost of college textbooks and supplies averaged $1,226 per student in 2021. The Affordable Course Materials program, which generally provides alternatives to printed or digital textbooks, has proven to help lower costs for students.

Program Prepares Men of Color for Life at UTC

UTC student Navin Philips at the MOC Academy
UTC student Navin Philips at the MOC Academy

Twins Alvin and Albert Bolden left their home in Dyersburg this fall to be freshmen at UT Chattanooga.

To build confidence for their new adventure, the twins enrolled in MOC Academy, a newly created, year-long program for male students of color at UTC. National numbers show men of color don’t do as well enrolling and staying in college.

MOC Academy was developed to address the issue, explained Jason Harville, assistant director of Student Success Programs. “When these males see this program and hear about this program, it shows that the university is placing importance on them being here,” Harville said.