Arts In Tennessee

Arts in Tennessee

Arts In Tennessee
A 2017 Tennessee Arts Commission Report
Infographic design by Laura Barroso | Letterpress printing by Sarah Shebaro

Arts in Tennessee Infographic

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A 2017 Tennessee Arts Commission Report Found Tennessee:

Added 4.1% of $15.3 Billion to the state of economy from arts and cultural productions.

Employed more than 92,000 in arts and cultural industries, with wages and benefits totaling more 6.4 billion.

Since 2016, the National Endowment for the Arts distributed more than $8.1 million in Tennessee including these grants to UT Knoxville:

$10,000 for recording project of composers underrepresented in Western music.

$75,000 for creation of artworks responding to the Great Smoky Mountain wildfires of 2016.

$15,000 for Clarence Brown Theatre’s production of “Alabama Story”.

Tennessee Arts Commission Reports:

$1.17 billion in annual economic activity from nonprofit arts and culture industry.

48% of adults attended live music, theater or dance performances.

15% of adults attended art exhibits.