College of Pharmacy Expands Nashville Campus

The UTHSC College of Pharmacy has expanded its Nashville campus by moving to a new, larger facility in southeast Nashville at 301 South Perimeter Park Drive.

The college moved to accommodate the growing demands of the Nashville campus. The building and new campus have state-of-the-art features, including a simulated pharmacy.

“This move is a dream come true for our students and the college,” says Dean Marie Chisholm-Burns. “In this new, larger space, we are able to better accommodate our students and provide some of the same resources we offer at our other campuses in Memphis and Knoxville.”


Show Some Spirit!

UTHSC license plate options
Vote for your favorite UTHSC license plate by ordering one at

Show your UTHSC spirit by preordering a collegiate license plate featuring the UTHSC logo.

The state has approved the creation of a UTHSC plate but requires 1,000 people to preorder the plate and pay a $35 deposit for production to begin. UTHSC will pay the $35 deposit for the first 1,000 people who reserve a plate. Collegiate plates cost $61.50 annually. Those who preorder will pay only $26.50 for the first year, due when the plate is picked up.

Plates may be ordered at Three designs have been proposed. The design with the most votes will be the official UTHSC plate. Once the requisite number of preorders is achieved, the plates should be available in four to six months. Money generated from the sale of the plates will support educational outreach at UTHSC.


Assistant U.S. Surgeon General Visits UTHSC

Rear Admiral Timothy Ricks

Rear Admiral Timothy Ricks, the chief dental officer for the U.S. Public Health Service and an assistant U.S. surgeon general, visited UTHSC in October, urging dental students to focus on oral health as a key to overall health across the lifespan.

“Part of my job is to impress on people the importance of oral health,” Ricks says. “It’s the idea of dental students thinking beyond the mouth and to the role oral health plays in general health.”