A message from the president

Joe DiPietro

As I’ve said often throughout the more than six years I’ve been privileged to have this job, the University of Tennessee stands alone and strong behind our three-part mission. We are charged with providing education, which we do with excellence. We are charged with conducting research, and we do so throughout the state. And we are charged with offering outreach, something we do in myriad ways and at a volume that can be hard to quantify.

No one of the three parts of our mission is more important than the others, but in this issue of Tennessee Alumnus, you’ll learn a bit more about how your university delivers outreach. Through
stories of UT alumni, students, faculty and staff who stepped up to help in the wake of a historic disaster—the Smoky Mountain wildfires of late 2016—you’ll see what outreach in action can do.

And, in another collection of stories in this issue, you’ll see that UT outreach doesn’t stop at the state line or even the national border.

Whether on behalf of the university or on their own initiative, members of the UT team make a difference every day across the state and around the world.

As this magazine marks its centennial anniversary this year, the three issues commemorate that milestone by focusing on past, present and future, respectively. The winter issue looked back. This issue looks at a slice of UT today. The final, fall issue will look at what’s ahead.

One thing can be counted on—past, present or future—the University of Tennessee’s three-part mission makes a difference and makes us who we are.

All the best,
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Joe DiPietro

Dr. Joe DiPietro has served as UT president since January 2011.