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Taken as a whole, the 370,000 living alumni of UT campuses share some characteristics that help define the “average” UT grad.

Overwhelmingly, UT graduates live in Tennessee, home of 61.6 percent of us. Almost 38 percent live elsewhere in the U.S., while almost 1 percent live abroad. For the remaining 1.8 percent, residence location is unknown.

We’re slightly more women (50.5 percent) than men (49.5 percent), and one-third of us have
graduate degrees.

The 97,563 graduates of UT colleges of arts and sciences create the largest group and have degrees in more than 60 majors and concentrations, from art to chemistry, English to French, math to music, philosophy to physics.

The second-largest group of graduates is business majors, at 64,706, followed by education graduates, at 58,071. UT also has produced 31,277 engineers, 18,587 agriculture grads, 14,605 communication majors and 12,471 graduates of varied health fields not medicine (9,301), dentistry (5,739) or pharmacy (5,537). The College of Law, at UT Knoxville, has 7,615 graduates, the UT Knoxville College of Architecture and Design 4,850 graduates, and the UT College of Veterinary Medicine 2,247 graduates.

All together, we’re about 370,000 people making Tennessee and the world healthier, happier, safer and more prosperous.