Updated Bylaws of the University of Tennessee Alumni Association

In looking in the mirror, it was time for the UT Alumni Association to update its bylaws, which were last updated in 2009, to reflect the enhanced structure.

As the umbrella organization serving graduates from all campuses, the UTAA and its volunteers centrally provide systemwide programs and services. While campus alumni offices and volunteers provide campus-specific programs and services for their graduates.

After an almost yearlong review process by current and former UTAA board members, the refined bylaws emphasize four areas: engagement, advocacy, coordination and accountability.


The UTAA will continue to engage graduates of any and all campuses through value-added programming, which includes, but is not limited to, scholarship and faculty awards, regional networking, career services and tours and travel.


In communicating a uniform message on UT’s behalf, the UTAA, in partnership with the UT Government Relations Office, will lead and support as “one voice” for UT’s campuses and constituencies on critical topics and issues involving federal, state and local leaders.


To ensure consistency and collaboration, UTAA and its volunteers will coordinate programming, events and services.


By establishing a metric system, UTAA will evaluate and measure the effectiveness of programming, events and services being provided at the system and campus levels.

The entire UTAA Bylaws can be accessed at UTAAconnect.com.