UT Alumni Association Chapter Awards

UTC alumni at alumni awards

As an act of gratitude for the service of UT volunteers, the Alumni Association recognizes its 2013 Alumni Chapter Award winners. These chapters bring together alumni and friends of the university in communities across the state of Tennessee and throughout the nation. The awards are based on quality of programming during the period Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2013. To find a chapter in your area, visit the Alumni Association website at alumni.tennessee.edu.


Outstanding Status

Knoxville Region UT Alumni Network (Sherry Morgan)

Nashville Region UT Alumni Network (Darrell Morgan)

Memphis Region UT Alumni Network (Harrell Jeter)

Accomplished Status

Chattanooga Region UT Alumni Network (Trey Stanley)



Outstanding Status

Knoxville Region UTC Alumni Chapter (Natalie Mohr)

Knoxville Region UTK Alumni Chapter (Meghan Morgan)

Accomplished Status

Chattanooga Region UTK Alumni Chapter (Lee Johnson)

Memphis Region UTK Alumni Chapter (Serena Gray)

Nashville Region UTK Alumni Chapter (Delmont Jones)

Memphis Region UTM Alumni Chapter (Mike Moss)



Outstanding Status

North Atlanta Club (Janette McCallum)

Accomplished Status

Henry County Club (Nancy Wells)



Outstanding Status

Tampa, Fla., UT Alumni Chapter (Don Casey)

Central Savannah River Area UT Alumni Chapter (J.C. Tucker)

Orlando, Fla., UT Alumni Chapter (Karen Wilson)

Columbia, S.C., UT Alumni Chapter (Sue Cross)

West Palm Beach, Fla., UT Alumni Chapter (Nick Blount)

Phoenix, Ariz., UT Alumni Chapter (Rebecca Tackett)

Charlotte, N.C., UT Alumni Chapter (Brittany Allen)

Triangle Area North Carolina UT Alumni Chapter (Megan Burns)

Washington, D.C., UT Alumni Chapter (Katie Ryan)

Pittsburgh, Pa., UT Alumni Club (Jacquie McMenamin)

Central Indiana UT Alumni Club (Taylor Davis)

Accomplished Status

St. Louis, Mo., UT Alumni Chapter (Rick Henderson)

Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., UT Alumni Chapter (Janice Krauser)

Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas, UT Alumni Chapter (Nancy Williams)

Central Ohio UT Alumni Chapter (Dave Anderson)

Charleston, S.C., UT Alumni Chapter (Chris Haynes)

Tallahassee, Fla., UT Alumni Chapter (Liz Jakubowski)

Hampton Roads, Va., UT Alumni Club (Kathy Browning)

Bay Area California UT Alumni Club (May Lee)

*President names denoted in parentheses