Remains Recovery Training

Remains Recovery Training

Photo: Anderson County Mayor Terry Frank, left, and Boone County (Ky.) Sheriff Department Detective and NFA Instructor Brian Cochran, LEIC Executive Director Don Green and Institute for Public Service Assistant Vice President Chuck Shoopman and other officials mark the opening of a new training facility for LEIC.

Often the best learning comes from doing. The UT Law Enforcement Innovation Center (LEIC) has a new outdoor training facility that will allow police and other officials to learn about recovering and identifying skeletal remains by actually unearthing bones. The facility is located on seven acres of the UT Arboretum in Oak Ridge, where LEIC already used some of the land for post-blast and shooting reconstruction training as part of the National Forensic Academy. Officials dedicated the site during a reverse groundbreaking in September 2013. Instead of digging dirt, they used shovels to toss dirt into a shallow grave with skeletal remains.


A Review of 2013

“Each year, student leaders from our campuses gather, and I relish the opportunity to hear about what’s important to them, to answer questions and to get their perspective on our university.” UT System President Joe DiPietro

What are some of the great things happening statewide around the UT System? Check out the Annual Report to the General Assembly. The annual report reviews the five goals of the UT System Strategic Plan and provides examples of how the university fulfills its mission to educate, discover and connect. There’s some financial information as well as updated enrollment figures for each campus. You can view the report online at

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From the archives: The University of Tennessee Alumni Association extended west to the Pacific Ocean when the association’s California branch was established in fall 1925. At the time, 81 UT alumni lived in the Golden State. The initial gathering was held at the Jonathan Club in Los Angeles, and it was resolved to gather twice annually as an organization.

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