Alumni Survey Results: Glad I Went to UT

96% of survey respondents felt their decision to attend UT was a good to great decision.
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92% of alumni said their overall opinion of UT is good to excellent
degree icon 89% of alumni’s opinion of their alma mater is impacted by the value and respect of their degree
icon of a person giving a group presentation 67% of alumni promote UT regularly or all the time
icon of a laptop 30% of alumni would welcome more social media and printed materials from their alma mater

More than 10,950 alumni, representing all of the campuses, voiced their opinions in the 2014 alumni survey, and we listened. The UT Alumni Association is using the feedback to refine programming and to improve engagement among all UT alums.

UT = Great Choice

One key takeaway from the alumni survey is that about 96 percent of respondents felt their decision to attend UT was a good to great decision. Alumni believe strongly that the education received from UT prepared them for further education and the workforce. They feel that the value of their degree is higher than when they were students and have a high current opinion of their alma mater.

Events Still Matter

Even though most alumni will never attend an event, they still want to know that the alumni association is having events and that important things are happening at events.

Better Today

Respondents said they want to know how things are better for today’s students than when they were at UT, specifically in:
Skills and training for careers
Academics and classes
Relationships with faculty
Interaction with alumni

Many thanks to all who took part in the alumni survey and to all of you who are helping make UT a better place.