Going for Gold

1972 Olympics

David H. Edgar (Knoxville ’75): swimming, 400-meter medley relay

1976 Olympics

Ernie Grunfeld (attended UT Knoxville ’73-79): basketball
Matthew H. Vogel (attended UT Knoxville ’75-80 and ’84-87): swimming, 100-meter butterfly, 400-meter medley relay

1984 Olympics

Samuel L. Graddy III (Knoxville ’87): track, 4 x 100-meter relay
Cindy Noble Hauserman (Knoxville ’84): basketball
Lea Henry (Knoxville ’84): basketball
Benita Fitzgerald Mosley (Knoxville ’84): track, 100-meter hurdles
Pat Summitt (Martin ’74, Knoxville ’75): basketball coach

1988 Olympics

Bridgette Gordon (Knoxville ’89): basketball

1992 Olympics

Melvin Stewart (attended UT Knoxville ’89-91): swimming, 200-meter butterfly, 400-meter medley relay

1996 Olympics

Jeremy Linn (Knoxville ’00): swimming, 400-meter medley relay
Nikki McCray (Knoxville ’94): basketball
Carla McGhee (Knoxville ’90): basketball
William D. “Tripp” Schwenk (attended UT Knoxville in the 1990s): swimming, 400-meter medley relay

2000 Olympics

Chamique Holdsclaw (Knoxville ’99): basketball
Allan Houston (Knoxville ’93): basketball
Julia Stowers (Knoxville ’05): swimming, 800-meter freestyle relay

2004 Olympics

Dan Beery (Chattanooga ’00): rowing
Tamika Catchings (Knoxville ’01): basketball
Justin Gatlin (attended UT Knoxville ’00-02): track, 100-meter dash
Tim Mack (Knoxville ’96, ’98): pole vault
DeeDee Trotter (attended UT Knoxville ’02-’04): track, 4 x 400-meter relay

2008 Olympics

Tamika Catchings (Knoxville ’01): basketball
Kara Lawson (Knoxville ’03): basketball
Candace Parker (Knoxville ’08): basketball