Giving Arts

UTHSC is selling more than 400 works of art donated to the university by Jolanda Penczner, widow of Paul Penczner, one of Memphis’ finest painters and most generous instructors. Proceeds will support an endowment in his name in the Department of Physiology. For more information, contact Kathleen Stern at or (706) 564-4308.

Doctors Someday

A group of Memphis-area students are “Determined to be a Doctor Someday.” That’s the name of a program at UTHSC created by College of Dentistry alumna Christina Rosenthal (HSC ’05), pictured here with the students, to encourage minority and underrepresented students to pursue careers in health care. They were presented white coats after completion of the program this summer.

Radiation R&D

The Food and Drug Administration is testing a drug created by UTHSC researchers that could inhibit potentially lethal injuries from radiation exposure. Preliminary studies suggest the drug can significantly improve survival chances if administered within 72 hours of exposure. Researchers Gabor Tigyi, Duane Miller and Leonard Johnson collaborated on the drug. UT pharmacy graduate Shannon McCool is chair and CEO of RxBio Inc., which is commercializing the drug.

UT in Middle TN

There’s about to be more UT in Middle Tennessee. An agreement between UTHSC and St. Thomas Health system of Nashville will expand the number of UT residents in the region from 20 to 100 or more by 2017. They will train at Baptist and Saint Thomas hospitals in Nashville and Middle Tennessee Medical Center in Murfreesboro.