Just Married

Libby and Mike Deitschmann married in 2011

By Chandra Harris-McCray

UT Alumni Association chapters are located around the world to bring alumni together for friendship and camaraderie. For Libby Dixner and Mike Deitschmann, the Jacksonville, Fla., chapter means much more than that. Libby (Knoxville ’91) and Mike met at chapter get-togethers and were married in September 2011.

“We have an even deeper appreciation for the university now knowing that our ties to the UTAA resulted in our marriage,” Libby says.

Mike did not graduate from a UT campus, but he became a fan of the Vols after attending a UT-Auburn football game in 1975. He and his first wife, Joyce, who died of cancer, got involved with the Jacksonville chapter. Libby and Mike both have served as president of the chapter and continue to serve on the board.

The two were married on Sept. 25, 2011, in Lake Tahoe, where Mike proposed. As an ode to UT, Libby wore Big Orange shoes and a UT garter at their wedding.