Drop Everything

Art means different things to different people. To UT Chattanooga student Jordan Kendrick, it meant tossing 1,000 water balloons from atop a campus parking garage. Kendrick, an art major, created the project for her sculpture class.

“I wanted to use something small, colorful, and interesting for a mass quantity,” she said. “My teacher wanted us to learn how to work with small, simple mass objects, and the balloons worked.”

After getting approval from the university, Kendrick placed a sheet of drywall on the ground below the Fifth Street Parking Garage. She and a friend tossed the balloons from the top floor.
“It went flawlessly,” Kendrick said. “Though some of the balloons bounced and didn’t burst, I still got to experiment with the effect the balloons left on the environment, which was what I wanted.”