Make a Gift, Help a Student

Make a Gift, Help a Student

The UT Alumni Association is in the midst of its second annual Fund for the Future campaign to support student scholarships, faculty awards, and other programs of the association.

“The Fund for the Future really drives everything we do for the University of Tennessee,” says Lofton Stuart, executive director of the UTAA. “Without the support of our donors, we would be simply unable to fund the programs that allow us as an association to serve our campuses and our students.”

The UTAA currently funds more than 173 scholarships awarded to outstanding students throughout the UT system, all made possible through the generous support of donors to the UTAA’s Fund for the Future.

“We can’t tell you how much these scholarships mean to our campus,” says Chancellor Tom Rakes of UT Martin. “Our students need all the financial support they can get. Students on the Martin campus are appreciative of donors to the Fund for the Future, and I know the same is true on our other campuses, as well.”

Along with the UTAA scholarship program, Fund for the Future donors underwrite other programs of the UTAA, such as the Outstanding Teacher and Distinguished Professorship awards, campus career services initiatives, and legislative relations.

This year, the UTAA has a goal of $700,000 in support for the Fund for the Future. Alumni and friends can learn more about the UTAA Fund for the Future by contacting the Alumni Association at 865-974-5439 or by visiting