Association News

Association News

Best Chapters Honored

Each year the UT Alumni Association recognizes the contributions its regional chapters make across the state of Tennessee and the nation. These chapters provide unique programming that shares the great things happening at UT with their local communities.

All the award-winning chapters hosted such events as annual meetings, community service projects, TV-viewing parties, or special activities in their local communities, like trips to performing arts events or museum exhibits.

Some of the outstanding programs this year were “Growing Green in More Ways than One,” presented by Dr. Kelly Tiller to the Hamilton County chapter meeting at UT Chattanooga; “Good Nutritional Tips in Your Day-to-Day Life and the UT Obesity Center,” presented by Dr. Naima Moustaid-Moussa for the Jacksonville, Florida, chapter; and “Diaries of the Civil War,” presented by Dr. John Fain for the Obion County chapter.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Give to Your Campus, College

The inaugural year of the new campus and college funds will end December 31. The Annual Giving Office would like to thank all donors who have supported this new effort and remind all alumni that it’s not too late to make your gift to support academic excellence and provide resources for the campus or college of your choice.

The campus and college funds were launched to address critical funding needs on each UT campus. Gifts to one of the campus or college funds help campus leaders address needs and challenges to keep our programs at the forefront of advanced learning and discovery.

Throughout the fall, the Annual Giving Office sent informational packets explaining the new program, and students with the TeleFund office contacted alumni to encourage their support.

“This effort represents a new era for the Annual Giving Program,” says Brian Hardy, assistant vice-president for annual giving. “Today our campus leaders are facing major budget reductions. However, our mission to provide world-class instruction and training for our students has not changed. By contributing to the new campus and college funds, alumni are helping to fill the widening gap between what is available through state dollars and tuition revenue and the rising costs associated with serving the needs of our students.”

Gifts to one of the new funds can help academic units attract and retain top faculty, assist in student recruitment, enhance classrooms, upgrade technology, and provide opportunities for students that would not otherwise be possible.

To join the thousands of alumni who are making a difference for their alma mater, make your gift today at or 865-974-5439.

A Drumroll, Please!

Twenty alumni are richer and happier since they won prizes from the UT Alumni ­Association—just for filling out a survey.

Grand prize–winner is Patricia Smith of Alpharetta, Georgia, who won a Carnival cruise. The winners were among the nearly 30,000 alumni who became eligible for prizes during July, August, and September because they updated their information on file with UT. A drawing determined the winners of prizes that included gift cards, MoonPies, athletics tickets, and a laptop computer, as well as the grand prize cruise.

Remember to update your information through the UT Online Community whenever you move, change jobs, and so on.

Here’s the list of all the prizewinners.