Cover of Our Tennessee magazine, Summer 2023 edition on top of blurred background.

In The Summer 2023 Issue

With this issue falling into your mailboxes in July, we thought it a good time to reflect on the University of Tennessee’s connections with the U.S. Armed Forces. While we could have told of our numerous research projects that will aid or have helped the military, we decided to get more personal.

We share about a Revolutionary War veteran’s grave on a UT Institute of Agriculture farm and a retired UT Martin staff member’s service in World War II. There’s a UT Chattanooga professor whose military service helps him make a difference in the classroom and a UT Knoxville professor working to stop veteran suicide. A UT Knoxville alumnus is part of the new military front with the U.S. Space Force. We also tell of students who are preparing to serve through ROTC and how we help those who have served.

UT knows it’s important that we take care of those who are willing to give so much. From in-state tuition benefits to veterans services, across the UT System faculty and staff work to support those who have donned the uniform. With more than 1,700 veterans, active-duty members and their dependents who are students (because families serve too), we have committed ourselves to serve those who serve.