Be One UT

In the Winter 2022 Issue

If each decision you make reflects a value in your life—from how you spend your money to how you use your time and how you treat others—then your whole life testifies to your undeniable character, for good or ill. It’s the same for businesses and universities as well.

UT leadership took the time to talk to faculty and staff across the system and then to develop its values, which you’ll find throughout these stories.

We explore how each campus and institute shows a different value. UT shines out with boldness or transparency or excellence, a higher education beacon for the state of Tennessee. Learn how UT serves the state by tackling some of its grand challenges and how it inspires creative and transformational action. Now see how the light shimmers on our respect of individuals and organizational uniqueness. See how values undergird decisions that strengthen the university and its programs. Read what some alumni think of their alma mater’s values and how they use them in their lives.

As faculty, staff, students and alumni continue to live up to these values, they also shine forth with another truth: Be One UT. Each campus and institute plays an important role in the state of Tennessee. Together, we make Tennessee better. Together, we make Tennessee stronger. Together, we are one UT.