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In the Spring 2022 Issue

Four has become the new favorite number for those of us working on Our Tennessee. This spring marks the beginning of sharing news and stories about UT alumni, faculty and students with you through four issues per year. We appreciate the UT System administration supporting adding one more magazine celebrating what makes UT iconic. Be watching your mailbox for issues to arrive in January, April, July and October.

In this issue, we explore just a small percentage of the research occurring at all of our campuses. From honey to hemp, advanced manufacturing to DNA, UT’s researchers and students work toward finding solutions that could impact Tennessee residents and the world. Along the way, patents lead to potential through entrepreneurship and licenses to existing companies.

It’s in our quest for discoveries that we learn the questions to ask and how to seek the answers. It’s that quest that continues long after students leave the laboratories and embark on careers. And it’s the questions two alumni ask in retirement as they continue to seek answers to help others and their pets. At the University of Tennessee, our quests do not end just because a diploma hangs on a wall or a career height is attained.

From Knoxville to Memphis, from Chattanooga to Martin to Pulaski, our graduates continue personal and professional quests as they care for their families and communities across the state, the nation and the world.

What is your quest today?