Inside the Spring 2018 issue

In the Spring 2018 Issue

As you read through this issue’s stories, you’ll meet alumni near and far, overseeing the economy of a country, helping others paddle a Tennessee river or making geriatric patients’ lives better.

This is UT.

You’ll encounter 50 years of black bear research by the Institute of Agriculture, 50 years of rodeo at UT Martin and 25 years of Alternative Break at UT Knoxville. You’ll read how we prepare the latest generation of crime solvers.

This, too, is UT.

As our story about the UT System’s first marketing campaign in more than a decade makes clear: Everywhere you look, UT. From farm fields to athletic fields to new fields of study. From classrooms, boardrooms, hospital rooms and courtrooms. Where our alumni live and work, we are there. Where our faculty and staff touch lives, we are there.

This is UT.

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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,
I am a consultant in the writing center at UT Martin and worked with Ashley Jackson [Editor’s Note: Jackson is a UT Martin deaf-blind student featured in the Winter 2018 Tennessee Alumnus.] when she was writing papers for her English classes as a freshman. She is a delightful young woman who is determined to succeed, and I feel sure she will be able to do the things she wants to do.
Mary Beard
Consultant, UT Martin


Dear Editor,
OH MY GOODNESS… what an incredible issue… all the stories… amazing. We are honored and so impressed with how beautifully you told David’s story. [Editor’s Note: David Platillero was featured in the Winter 2018 Tennessee Alumnus.] Thank you so much. Thank you.
Thank you.
John Platillero
Knoxville ’88


Dear Editor,
Love the Winter 2018 magazine. How brave the people in these articles are. Inspiring! #VFL
Monica Miller
Knoxville ’97
Via Twitter


Dear Editor,
Thank you for publishing one of my favorite authors in your last issue of Tennessee Alumnus. I have enjoyed this author’s works for several years now and celebrated her successes with her. Apparently, there was an inadvertent last-minute change (perhaps a spell-check flub), which changed her name to Kirkpatrick from the correct spelling Kilpatrick.

This error can be quickly verified by noting the name on the cover of her most recently
published work.

Thank you for sharing the news of fellow alumni on a regular basis.

W. L. Kilpatrick
Knoxville ’64

Editor’s Response: We regret the misspelling that appeared on page 48 of the winter issue. The author’s name is Sally Kilpatrick, and you are correct that her name is on the cover of her most recently published novel, Bless Her Heart, which was pictured in the magazine.