Spring 2017 Tennessee Alumnus cover

In the Spring 2017 Issue

Giving back.

When someone else’s misfortune reminds us of our own good fortune, giving back is the right thing to do. It’s also a part of the UT mission—to provide outreach that makes a difference in people’s lives—that we alumni are taught to value.

This issue of Tennessee Alumnus brings stories of UT alumni, expertise and contributions to making a difference, starting with our cover story on the historic Smoky Mountain wildfires of 2016.

Beloved across the country, the Great Smoky Mountains are something else to Tennesseans, thousands of whom are UT alumni. The Smokies are our mountains. They’re synonymous with Tennessee, and our attachment to them runs deep.

Which is why the impact of the wildfires felt personal to so many. We’re pleased to bring you stories of the personal and real impact some UT alumni experienced or are making as life moves beyond the fires.

Elsewhere, other members of the UT family are reaching out and making a difference in lives around the world. We’ll tell you some of their stories, too.

And, since 2017 is our 100th anniversary year and this is the second of our three commemorative issues, we’re bringing you the second installment of our Centennial Alumni profiles.

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