Randall Crowell pictured on his farm in UT orange tshirt, holding a baseball and glove.

Spring 2016: Letters to the Editor

Play Ball!

Responding to Engineer, Farmer and Pitcher (Fall 2015)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The greatest words in baseball: Play ball.

Play ball! I want to thank all of you for making this article happen.

Elizabeth Davis, thank you for listening to the tip from the “tipper” about the baseball-pitching extended career of this engineer, pitcher (Knoxville ’60) and farmer.

David Goddard, thank you for your fancy, creative words of introduction exposing the hidden facts on some bygone happenings. You never know what is flying under the radar.

Adam Brimer, thank you for battling the Middle Tennessee rural simplicity, tall grass and other natural country elements during your visit. You know, being introduced to some sweet sorghum syrup could be a good thing.

All of you did your parts in a professional manner, and I enjoyed our contacts.

Thanks again — and play ball!

J. Randall Crowell, “High Pockets” (Knoxville ’60)

Crowell is the subject of a Spotlight feature in the Fall 2015 issue. David Goddard (Knoxville ’98) is media relations coordinator for the UT Knoxville College of Engineering. Elizabeth Davis (Knoxville ’96) was Tennessee Alumnus editor from 2012 to 2015.Adam Brimer (Knoxville ’07) is Tennessee Alumnus photo director.

Thank You, UT Advocacy and 4-H

Responding to: UT Takes the Hill, The Face of UT in Every County
(Winter 2016)


4-H clubs were a significant contributor to where I am in life now. As a young 4-H clubber in the early 1950s, I went to camps at UT Martin, and as an older clubber I was a counselor at camps at UT Martin and a very active participant in the August Round-Up events on the UT Knoxville campus.

I attribute my desire for an education and many positive life experiences (including a Ph.D. and work as an associate professor at UT Knoxville) to an early start in 4-H clubs.

Thank you, UT and the Advocacy Group, for what you did and are continuing to do to support and expand 4-H Clubs in Tennessee.

Dava H. Shoffner (UT Medical Center ’58;
Knoxville ’76, ’81, ’88)

Representation Beyond Infographics

Responding to: Where Does the UT Health Science Center Make its Impact?

Dear Editor,

I am disappointed in your recent article, “Where Does the UT Health Science Center Make its Impact?

I graduated from UTHSC College of Medicine in 2013 and am completing my medical residency in pediatrics through UTHSC GME (Graduate Medical Education) in June of this year.

As a woman, I am proud that UT is coming closer to the national average of females being admitted to medical school and residency; however, I am saddened to see the pictorial symbols chosen for this article. The cartoon representations of physicians are all male, while the representations of nurses are female. We should be moving past this form of sexism in the medical professions, and I expect more from a university that is striving to push beyond these stereotypes.

I hope to see equal representation that is more accurately reflective of the current medical school, residency and faculty population in the future.

Megan Galaske, M.D. (HSC ’13)

Editor’s response:
The Alumnus will seek to be more cognizant of the choices of symbols in graphics in the future, and we appreciate reader feedback that helps us continue to improve the quality of the magazine.