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Inside the Winter 2016 issue

When you think of the University of Tennessee and the impact it has, what comes to mind?

College graduates and competitive athletics probably top the list for most people. Yet UT’s impact goes far beyond classrooms and athletic fields.

When it comes to Tennesseans’ health, for instance, 15 teaching hospitals and clinical facilities statewide are formally affiliated with the UT Health Science Center, which has graduated more than 57,000 healthcare professionals since its founding in 1911.

Research conducted by the Health Science Center, at UT’s campuses in Chattanooga, Knoxville and Martin, at the Space Institute in Tullahoma, in partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and by the Institute of Agriculture solves problems and improves quality of life throughout Tennessee and beyond.

And UT’s Institute for Public Service—with its array of agencies with consulting expertise in business, industry, government and law enforcement—often is quietly behind enhanced efficiency in Tennessee’s public and private-sector economies.

As a UT graduate, you’re among 362,000 people worldwide with at least one degree from a UT campus. When did your relationship with UT begin? In the local 4-H club as a child? When a UT graduate served as a mentor? When you enrolled at a UT campus?
While the answer varies, the common thread is a meaningful, lasting connection with people. This issue of the Tennessee Alumnus brings you stories of a few of the countless ways UT makes an impact.

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