A female rodeo athlete competes in an event

Fall 2015 Letters and Corrections

Barrels, Broncs & Bachelor’s Degrees, Spring 2015

As the wife of a UT Chattanooga graduate, I read with interest your spring 2014 Tennessee Alumnus. It is a fine, professional publication. I especially enjoyed the section on nurses; our niece is a nurse in Chattanooga. However, I was disturbed by the “Barrels, Broncs & Bachelor’s Degrees” story about UT Martin, the defending national rodeo champion. While I appreciate our national Wild West heritage and enduring traditions such as music, folklore, cook-offs, etc., tormenting animals should not be part of it. I think rodeos are just a step above bullfighting. A rider spurring or kicking a terrified horse in order to be bucked off? Tying a goat’s feet together? Wrestling a running steer to the ground? What kind of example to our children is this? Should college students be learning such cruel, barbaric practices? This is the 21st century, not the 19th century or ancient Rome.

Celeste McCall

American Dreamers, Spring 2015

My family cannot thank you enough for the wonderful article that you wrote! We have had an outpouring of support and compliments on the piece. Friends who have known us for many years said they learned things about us from the interview, and some even confessed being moved to tears. Hopefully we are good ambassadors for the University of Tennessee. Thanks again for telling our #VFL story!

Robby J. Moore (Martin ’96)


In the “American Dreamers” story in the spring 2015 issue, there was an incorrect date. Robby and Katerina Moore were married in 2003.

In the “What is a Nurse?” cover story in the spring 2015 issue, the dates of establishment for several degrees at the UTHSC College of Nursing were incorrect. The corrected dates are 1974 for accelerated BSN, 1953 for RN-BSN and 2005 for DNP, transitioned from DNSc, which was established in 1999.