What’s next?

We’re two months away from publication of the next issue of the Alumnus. All the assignments have been made for articles and photos, some of the copy is coming in and planning is starting on design. I think our fall issue will provide an interesting assortment of stories.


But it’s too early to reveal everything we have planned. As a hint, the cover story should appeal to music fans. This week, I finished writing an interesting crime story that involves a UTC professor’s research. We have some cool photos of UT President Joe DiPietro and some outtakes that we’ll save for later. Our alumni spotlights feature graduates from UTHSC and Knoxville in vastly different careers. That’s all I can share right now.


Some people ask us how we choose what goes in the magazine. First, the article must be interesting. Our magazine is a marketing tool in some ways, but it’s also a publication whose purpose is to engage readers. We want people to pick up the magazine and say “Oh, that is interesting” or “I’m proud of my alma mater for doing that.” Readership surveys show that most of our readers keep their magazines in their homes for a month or longer and that they read a majority of it.


Next, we ensure the entire UT System is represented somehow in each issue. That means we have articles from every campus and institute. While many of our readers are UT Knoxville alumni because that campus has the most alumni, we strive to demonstrate the value of the entire UT System.


Finally, we want quality stories that are well-written. We know the Alumnus is not Time, Southern Living or the Atlantic. But it is a university magazine, and as such, it should reflect work from talented writers.


In the next few weeks, we will be hard at work in the editing and design phases. We hope you enjoy the project. Look for fall 2014 in mid-November.