Mailbag: Alumni Success

Dr. Catrina Crisp (HSC ’05) is urogynecologist in Cincinnati who is using research and education to help women with pelvic health issues. She was the head researcher for a national study on women who had a surgery called copocliesis for pelvic prolapse. Women who have the surgery suffer from urinary urgency, bladder pain and bowel incontinence.

The study of 87 women who averaged 79 years of age reported high levels of satisfaction and improved body image six weeks after surgery, according to a release from TriHealth Women’s Services and Cincinnati Urogynecology Associates. “Our study told us regrets were about as low as you can go and that satisfaction was as high as it could go,” said Crisp, pictured above consulting with a patient.

The study results were published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology in November 2013. For more information visit this website.