“The magazine is at the printer” might be one of the most soothing sayings to the ear of an editor. It means all the hard work in writing, editing, photographing, designing and approving is all complete, and now the magazine is in the hands of someone else.

The fall 2014 issue of the Tennessee Alumnus will publish in a few weeks and certainly before Thanksgiving. It’s hard to say exactly which day, and that’s no one’s fault. The Alumnus has a new printer, The Watkins Printing Company in Columbus, Ohio. For the fall issue, we asked for the magazine to be printed on a different kind of paper that had to be ordered especially for us.

We hope this new paper will bring a little heft to the cover and reduce glare for reading the interior pages. Also, we hope the new paper will make the magazine look and feel better. We’re always striving to make the magazine better and one that our alumni are proud of and want to display in their offices or coffee tables.

So, watch you mailboxes and inboxes later this month for the fall issue of the Tennessee Alumnus.