Alumnus Mailbag

This week the Alumnus received a book in the mail. Even though the press release accompanying the book didn’t say the author was a UT alumnus, some digging found that indeed author M.O. Walsh of My Sunshine Away earned a master’s degree in English from UT Knoxville. This novel will formally publish on Feb. 10, 2015. Walsh is from Baton Rouge, La., and is currently the director of the Creative Writing Workshop at the University of New Orleans. My Sunshine Away is his first novel. The book is set in the summer of 1989 in Baton Rouge, and is the story of a crime “that shattered everyone’s illusion of the supposed idyllic neighborhood.” Sounds very interesting.

Not to leave anyone out, the Alumnus apparently neglected to have a post about another alum’s novel that was sent to the office a while back. I’m a Memphian is a collection of columns and posts by Dan Conaway, a UT Knoxville graduate who often writes the Last Word in the Alumnus. The subhead on the cover is all you need to know: “Character references for a city filled with it and often absolutely full of it.” I’m sure we all know what “it” is, and aren’t we a little jealous that Dan gets away with writing so much about “it.”

In other mailbag items, we received two notices of honors for UT alumni who are lawyers. Jay St. Clair, office managing shareholder of Littler’s Birmingham and Gulf Coast offices is included in the 2015 Best Lawyers in America publications. Scott Rose of Jackson Walker law firm in San Antonio is on the best list as well.